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Milking device 3M7


Milking device 3m/7 is designed for rural households and small farms up to 30 cows.

- Mobile and easy to handle.
- Completed with the vacuum pump powered by an electric motor 0.55Kw/0.75KS/1420o and 220V.
- Milking bucket capacity 40L made of INOX or ALU
- Milking unit made ​​of stainless steel
- Accessories for cleaning and maintenance
- A small tapered brush for milking tires and long cylindrical tube of milk
- Collector 2x180cc. Vacuum pump 200l dry. Weight 48kg. Dimensions 110x115x54cm. Graphic brushes 70x42x6. Pulsator 40/60 3M.

Milking device is characterized by a build quality, easy operation, easy maintenance, small consumption in electricity, high-performance and full-milking hygiene.

Other pictures

Bucket - INOX
Bucket - ALU
Bucket - INOX