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Cow Milking
I am a happy cow :)
Great choice of backets
Inox, aluminium, PVC
With milking machines of NOVAKOVIĆ-3M
milk is bacteriological safe and safe for human consumption
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Milk transport carts.
Basic service activities include quality maintenance.
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For our products we guarantee maximum quality and durability of the work, which is confirmed by ISO 9001 and CE mark. 2012 established a quality management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and the CE mark is our cards to export products to the EU.

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Follow this link to download a universal instructions for proper use and maintenance of your milking machine.
Proper maintenance of your milking machine is our priority. Novakovic-3M guarantees the longevity and quality of your milking machine.
Special discounts are offered to all our distributors. Call us for more information.